Based in Korea, Neoflam was established 1991 as a privately owned multinational cookware company with a vision to create innovative and stylish designer kitchenware that is not only beautiful but is also beneficial to both the environmental & our personal wellbeing.

Neoflam is one of few internationally distributed cookware companies that design and manufacture onsite, enabling them to independently develop their revolutionary EcolonTM Natural Non-Stick Technology.

A featured of all Neoflam cookware, EcolonTM offers an environmentally friendly, perfectly safe, scratch resistant cooking performance and stands alone with healthy, chemical free alternative to the common and misused traditional PTFE non-stick coating.

Today Neoflam is available in over 60 countries providing employment opportunities for over 1000 people and enjoying international recognition, alongside Apple and Porsche, as a multi-award winning brand for design, functionality and high safety standards.