Neoflam is a major international company established in 1991 that design, manufacture and distribute kitchenware to over 60 countries. They are responsible for developing “The Healthy Pan™”, with the innovation of Ecolon™, which is a non stick ceramic coating made of sand, stone and silica. Ecolon™ coating is a healthy alternative to PTFE non-stick coatings. It’s friendly to the environment & the human body, as its main ingredients comes from Mother Nature. Neoflam products are absolutely FREE of any harmful chemicals, so it keeps family cooking healthy and safe.


The pan body is a single mould and its manufacturing process ensures that the pan conducts heat evenly, cooks quickly, that’s its lightweight and exceptionally easy to clean.  The product has a thick base for even heat distribution and thinner walls to draw the heat from the centre to the walls, so that the pan cooks all the way up, not just from the bottom of the pan.


The fry pans are oven proof up to 250°C, casseroles with the lids are oven proof up to 180C, and casseroles without the lids are oven proof up to 300°C. The award winning Neoflam cookware is designed to be used for integrated function – as ovenware, cookware, servingware and for refrigerator storage. Neoflam have won major European design awards and Australian Organic Expo awards. They come in a stunning range of colour and designs that make kitchen life simple healthy and fun.

Versatile Kitchen

What is an anion layer?

The added anion layer is for healthy negative ions emissions, Neoflam pans are so healthy they emit negative ions while you are cooking.  Both positive and negative ions occur naturally in the air, negative ions are the healthy ones and the anion layer on our pans allows the coating to emit more than 20 times the anion than typical cookware – see this link for more information

Anion Layer

What is Neoflam Ecolon coating?

Neoflam Ecolon coating is an Eco friendly, ceramic nonstick coating made from natural materials, sand & stone. 100% free of heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Neoflam Ecolon Coating is a healthy alternative to PTFE nonstick coating with non toxic fumes emitted while cooking.   The image below shows the aluminum die cast centre of the pan is protected by 2 layers, each ceramic layer is baked at a very high temperature which completely seals the pan with no reports of aluminum leeching.

Neoflam Cross Section


On our website the certification lists all the testing for toxicity in Neoflam products. Here is the link for you to view these at your own leisure  (ND means not detected.)
All certification is supplied by independent testing laboratory’s that use international standards and practices. You will note some of the testing has been done to German, French and Japanese standards as requested by the importing company.