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Here's what our customers say about their Neoflam cooking experience:

My wife first came across Neoflam two year ago prior to opening our store. We had thrown out our previous cookware but were eager to find a safe non-stick alternative. Not only were we delighted to find a safe, modern cookware brand, we were amazed at the exceptional performance of the cookware. It was a “must have” brand to have available in our Eco store when we opened in November 2010 and we are very proud to have introduced the huge range of Neoflam products to customers all over Australia. The service, performance and presentation of Neoflam has made us very excited to be a stockist and we await more alternative cookeware pieces from them in the future.

Heated up quickly and cooked a great stirfry - So very happy, big thumbs up.

I have the small green neoflam frypan & I love it. My kitchen is being renovated but once it is all finished I plan to purchase a lot more of your products. I work as a chef at a health retreat and I am very conscious about cooking with minimal fat on a healthy nonstick surface. I get really great performance out of my litle frypan and it cleans up brilliantly too.

I have tell you all how good the Venn range is … my son had bought 3 of these and I like what I saw so went and bought the low casserole and the milk pan, cooked a curry cooking for 2 hours, beautiful … served it up but forgot to turn it off totally forgot and got up round 4.45am to go for my swim and found the pan was still on. The leftover curry was not burnt and the pan was clean as a whistle I rinsed and wiped and it was just like new. I don't recommend we do this but any other pan would have had the bottom burnt out. I might add it was on gas as well. just a recommendation on how good the pan is … I am a believer!

Neoflam’s range of frypans and casseroles have far exceeded our expectations for being a healthy cookware choice for customers. All feedback received has been 100% positive and, inf fact, a number of regular customers are collecting each piece so they have the full set.

Neoflam’s service is always first class and their communication professional with orders received within a suitable timeframe. I would have no hesitation in recommending Neoflam to any company.

I just wanted to let you know how much I love my Neoflam saucepan set and frypans. I could not believe that I would get so excited over a saucepan set. The feel great they look great and they are fantastic to cook in. I am so pleased I bought them.

I bought a set of neoflam pans from Victoria's Basement last weekend. I’ve only used them twice, but I'll never use regular Teflon pans ever again! Neoflam’s non-stick surface makes the others feel like you’re cooking on Velcro! And not only is the chemical free coating saving my life, needing next to no detergent to clean them will help save marine life too!

I was introduced to the Neoflam pans by Kay-Lynn Cee. Had to go get one the next day. They are the best for frying up sunnyside up eggs. So easy to use and pretty. NOTHING STICKS!!! Its great. Have since gotten them as gifts for friends and family.

I love the Neoflam I carted from Sydney all the way to KL. It is so light and versatile. I only wish I hadn't broken the removable handle for my set :(

I will be looking out for larger sizes as I often cook from a dozen or more. Keep up the great work and we adore the cheerful colours.

My Neoflam pans are the best pans I have ever had. They are an absolute pleasure to cook in and knowing they are healthy is the icing on the cake. And the great colours look fantastic in my kitchen. I'm spreading the word!

Dear Neoflam,

Today I had my healthy cooking workshop kindly sponsored with lovely healthy cookware made by your company NEOFLAM and DOOF DOOF organic food and cafe who sponsored us with yummy fresh organic vegies and Barossa Valley egg noodles. The cooking demonstration was a lot of fun. The students loved the Neoflam cookware colours and were intrigued by what the non stick coating was made from. They learned that quick, healthy meals are easy to make and so delicious and good for them. We whipped up a stir fry and noodles in no more than 10 minutes!

Thank you very much for supporting what I do with your gorgeous cookware. We even had one boy in the class, as it is usually an all girl group and he loved the food. Some students asked about your grill pan … perhaps they were wanting a juicy steak with their stir fry! That could be an idea for another cooking demo using NEOFLAM. Healthy grilling without fat on your gridle pan.

During the workshop I discussed the benefits of a healthy nutrient packed meal cooked in health giving and not health depleting cookware (that also looks great). My students had a go at being apart of the stir fry production process, some cooking, some serving and all eating the finished product. In fact two whole pots and a pan of food were gone in a matter of minutes.

Thanks again, have a great week and I shall keep in touch,

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