Ergonomic Knife Set with Bamboo Knife Block

knife set

Neoflam Ergonomic Knives are a unique “self standing” knife design, with a practical lightweight ergonomic handle for a perfect grip. Comes in a variety of shapes and designs, offering quality and durability expected from a superior performance knife. From a small paring knife to a large chef knife, Neoflam knives ensure that all food preparation can be done with convenience and minimal effort.

The stainless steel blade has a ceramic coating made from natural minerals, sand and stone. The Ecolon ceramic coating helps to retain the maximum nutrients and living enzymes minimising oxidation of fruit and vegetables when cutting, with no metal after taste and is guaranteed to withstand heavy use in kitchen.

Neoflam Bamboo Knife Block is made with 4 year old Mao Bamboo a 100% renewable resource, naturally anti bacterial with slip resistant rubber feet.  Plastic noodles inside the bamboo frame accommodate any kind of knife or scissors regardless of the shape or size.


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