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Dandy & Vol Ceramic Stovetop Cookware

NatureCook ceramic stovetop cookware is made from earth’s natural minerals, rarely found in any other heat-resistant cookware. The beautiful modern colours used in this range are made up of 100% natural pigments to ensure safe and healthy cooking.
Incoporating thermal-shock-resistance technology enabling cookware to go straight from the freezer to cooktop to oven to dishwasher, suitable for gas, electric, ceramic cooktops, the oven and microwave. Dandy, winner of the 2012 Red Dot Design Award is part of this aesthetically pleasing NatureCook range.

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Protato Cooker

Nature Cook

Professional Flame Proof Protato Cooker

“You do not need to set up a fire for BBQ flavoured potatoes. Enjoy a-la-natural cooking with the Protato Cooker, delicious fire cooked potatoes, chestnuts, garlic or onion, all on your cooktop. The Protato Cooker is made from 100% Ceramic earthenware and enhances the natural flavours and aromas.”
Designed for use on gas, electric or ceramic cooktops plus ovenproof up to 400˚C.
Eco-friendly healthy choice cookware for you and your family!

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Nature Cook

Flameproof Casserole

Discover the taste of healthy cooking, lovingly prepared in an entirely natural cooking pot. Clay cookware has been used for thousands of years and is an extremely versatile material, conducts heat brilliantly making it perfect for a variety of dishes from rice or vegetables, to making soups and casseroles, pot roasting and even baking cakes and breads, with meals served straight to the table.
Natural clay allows slow even cooking temperatures and the durable glaze interior makes for easy cleaning, an excellent heat diffuser, cooking is gentle, the food does not burn retaining all the vitamins and flavours. Produced using raw materials taken directly from the surrounding countryside, non-treated clay, sand, filtered water and 100% natural mineral oxides.

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