Our Mission

At Neoflam, we strive to develop trendy, colourful products, applying the most cutting-edge concepts, technologies & materials. Committed to bringing high-performing and quality kitchenware to enhance healthy cooking, Neoflam places a number one priority on value. This synergy of innovation, virtue & value empowers Neoflam to light a New Flame in the kitchenware industry.

The Neoflam Business

Neoflam is an international kitchenware company recognized as a supplier of innovative products making daily kitchen life productive and safe. Combining the latest technology with trendsetting design, we develop state-of-the-art products that are unparalleled in product quality and features.

Since its inception in 1991 in Korea, we have grown to a multinational company with annual revenues over 50 million US dollars. Our growth has mainly come from a close relationship with home shopping networks in the US, Germany, UK and Korea.

Neoflam established its United States operations in 2001 to source new “best-of-breed” products from the US for export to Korea. Simultaneously, we developed US and European markets for emerging products developed in the Far East. This propelled Neoflam’s success to new levels with tremendous growth of the Lock & Lock food storage container business.

In 2006, Neoflam expanded its horizons by making an entry into manufacturing and marketing with its own proprietary product lines. A strategic alliance with Microban® products company enabled Neoflam to introduce a cutting-edge cutting board with industry-leading antimicrobial product protection. Within a few months after its debut, the Neoflam cutting board has already drawn a tremendous amount of attention from retail industry leaders around the world. Neoflam’s past success with best-in-category products has set a solid background for truly consumer oriented and innovative products that are protected by patent rights and brand value. Ongoing efforts to develop and provide the best products under close collaboration with retail partners will further allow Neoflam to bring the best products to customers.

Neoflam FrypansNeoflam Midas SetNeoflam Stainless Set
Neoflam Venn SetNeoflam Bottle SetNeoflam Retro Set
Neoflam Knife SetNeoflam Crepe and Pancake PansNeoflam Ovenware mixNeoflam Vita Water Jugs

Our flagship products include cast aluminum cookware with ceramic-based Ecolon non-stick coating, cutting board and color-coated knife protected with Microban antimicrobial protection, bamboo cutting board with natural antimicrobial efficacy, and airtight food storage containers with vacuum valve.

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