Neoflam Squeezer+ hand juicers

Neoflam Squeezer+ hand juicer allows you to extract fresh and natural goodness with just one easy squeeze.

Perfect for extracting pomegranate, orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit juice, easy to use geared action, the lever arm ensures maximum juice extraction, cut fruit in half and place in the strainer which removes pulp and seeds, ideal for use as part of a healthy diet.
Neoflam’s newest product for Health Smart Australians is so simple to use and easy to clean with a stable metal stand for domestic or industrial use. Create refreshing healthy drinks to be enjoyed all year round, 100% pure juice.

Domestic Hand Juicer(red)
Domestic Hand Juicer(Green)
Domestic Hand Juicer(White)
Domestic Hand Juicer(Grey)