How to use my Neoflam?

Neoflam pans are made from Natural EcolonTM which is a non stick ceramic coating made of sand, stone and silica and is a healthy and safe alternative to the toxic PTFE non-stick coatings.

Being a non-stick cookware there is sometimes a comparison of Neoflam EcolonTM Natural Non-Stick coating to the toxic PTFE based cookware. This comparison can often lead to using cooking methods that are not suitable for the Ceramic coating and may result in food sticking to the pan.

The Four Golden Rules:

  1. Cooking Temperatures

Neoflam EcolonTM Natural Non-Stick coating is durable, toxin free and can stand any desired cooking temperatures. UNLIKE traditional PTFE based non-stick cookware which can release toxic fumes when overheated the Neoflam EcolonTM Natural Non-Stick natural elements will provide a clean and healthy cooking environment. So don’t be afraid to use high heat when required.

Proper cooking temperatures can prevent sticking.  A great example is if a high protein food, like eggs are cooked on low heat, it may stick.

Useful  Tip

Preheat your pan to the desire temperature.

Pour a bit of oil in your preheated pan, enough to cover the bottom of the cooking surface. This helps to form a natural barrier that prevents food from sticking.

Now add your food, there should be a sizzling sound when your food touches the preheated pan, indicating that the browning or searing process has begun.

Allow your food to cook without disturbing it for a bit.

If your food makes no sound on initial contact with the pan your heat is too low, and if it is more of a crackle than a sizzle, your heat is too high. In both scenarios sticking may occur.

  1. Use a bit of cooking oil

The EcolonTM Natural Non-Stick coating is made of natural materials and requires a bit of oil every time you cook to create a natural barrier between the food and the pan.

Thanks to the Neoflam EcolonTM Natural  surface, you can cut down on fat quantity without compromising the flavour.

  1. Right size pan

It is important to use the right size pan for the amount of food being cooked, otherwise this allows the heat to concentrate on the area of the pan not cooking the food eventually overheating and diminishing the effectiveness of non-stick surface.

  1. Don’t forget to give your pan a good clean after every use.

Using the soft cloth or a paper towel only smears the food residue around the surface making it appear clean whereas in fact imperceptible traces of food can be left behind if the pan is not cleaned properly.

Neoflam EcolonTM Ceramic coating is a strong, durable material applied in a few layers for extra durability. Don’t be afraid to give your pans a good clean removing any small traces of food that when remain on the pan and with repeated use, will burn into the pan and sticking will occur.

Do not use coarse scouring pads or harsh abrasives to clean cookware and do not gouge the non-stick-coating. Do not use oven cleaners to clean cookware, as these are not designed for this purpose and will ruin the cookware.

For full Cooking instructions Neoflam Use and Care



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