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How to Find the
Best Cookware Sets in Australia
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Best Cookware Sets in Australia
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Cookware is the backbone of any kitchen, and the right set can make a difference in your cooking experience. Whether you're just starting your culinary journey, as a seasoned chef, or someone who falls somewhere in between, choosing the best cookware sets in Australia that meets your needs is essential to elevating your cooking skills.

The market is flooded with countless options, each with unique features and price points. That is why we will help you discover the ideal set for your kitchen needs through this blog.

Why Cookware Sets make Great Investments

Investing in a quality cookware set is worth it, as it makes cooking easier and more enjoyable. Apart from that, listed below are other reasons to invest in a cookware set.

  1. They often offer significant savings over buying individual pieces.

  2. A set covers a range of cooking needs, from sautéing to baking, simplifying your kitchen setup.

  3. Sets ensure uniform materials and craftsmanship, improving cooking performance and durability.

  4. Matching sets add organisation and visual appeal to your kitchen.

  5. Having a complete set on hand saves time and streamlines cooking.

How to Find the Best Cookware Set

Selecting the best cookware set possible is a pivotal decision that can profoundly impact your experience in the kitchen. That said, be sure to check the following things to consider getting the perfect set that suits your kitchen needs.

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1. Assessing Your Cooking Needs

This initial step will guide you in making the right choice that suits your kitchen and culinary expertise.

Are you a beginner looking to build a foundation of essential cookware items? Or are you a seasoned chef seeking to replace and upgrade your existing cookware? Do you have a limited budget, or are you willing to invest in high-end cookware that can last a lifetime? These questions will help you narrow your options and make the best decision.

2.The Number of Pieces in the Set

The best cookware sets in Australia come in a range of sizes, from just a few pieces to comprehensive sets with many pots, pans, and accessories. To give you an idea, here's a brief guide to the cookware pieces included in a cookware set and the ideal user for each set:

  • Starter Sets: These typically include a small number of basic pots and pans, such as a saucepan, a frying pan, and a stockpot. They are ideal for beginners or those with limited kitchen space.
  • Intermediate Sets: These sets usually contain a more extensive collection of cookware, including various saucepans, skillets, and sometimes specialty items like a casseroles and roasting pans. They are perfect for those who want to experiment with different cooking techniques and recipes.
  • Comprehensive Sets: These large sets offer a vast selection of pots, pans, and kitchen tools. They are suitable for experienced cooks who enjoy a wide range of culinary activities and need various cookware options.

The number of pieces also affects the overall cost of the set, so consider your budget when making a decision. If you're on a tight budget, investing in a smaller set with high-quality pieces is better than a larger set with lower-quality items is better.

3. Pot and Pan Size and Shape

The size and shape of the pots and pans in your cookware sets are essential factors to consider. Different recipes and cooking techniques demand specific sizes and shapes. Below is a list of cookware pieces included in most cookware sets.

    1. Saucepans: These are versatile, with a variety of sizes available. They are excellent for simmering sauces, boiling pasta, and making soups.

    2. Skillets (Frying Pans): Skillets come in various sizes and shapes, with straight sides or sloped sides. A larger skillet is perfect for searing, sautéing, and stir-frying, while smaller ones are great for omelettes and crêpes.

    3. Stockpots: Stockpots are ideal for making large batches of soup, stew, or stock. They typically have tall sides and a generous capacity.

    4. Special Items: Some cookware sets include special items like Dutch ovens, grill pans, woks, casseroles and bakeware sets.

When choosing the size and shape of pots and pans, think about the types of dishes you frequently prepare and select items that suit those needs. Having a variety of sizes and shapes in your cookware set will allow you to adapt to different cooking scenarios.

4. Handles and Lids

The handles and lids of your cookware are often overlooked but can significantly impact your cooking experience. When choosing cookware sets, consider the following:


Look for ergonomic handles that are comfortable to grip and remain cool to the touch while cooking. Handles that are riveted to the cookware are generally more durable.
Some of the best cookware sets in Australia offer detachable handles, which can be a convenient feature for space-saving storage.


Lids should fit tightly on pots and pans to keep heat and moisture in. Transparent glass lids allow for easy monitoring, while cast lids are more durable.
Additionally, look for lids with heat-resistant knobs or handles.

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5. Stovetop Compatibility

Not all cookware is suitable for every type of stovetop. Different stovetops have specific requirements, and using the wrong cookware can lead to uneven cooking or even damage your pots and pans.

It is crucial to check the compatibility of your cookware with your stovetop to ensure you get the right cookware for your stovetop. If the pan is suitable for induction, it is also suitable for all other stovetop options, including gas, ceramic, and electric.

Benefits of Wok Pans

While wok pans are considered specialty items, they can be valuable to your kitchen arsenal. Woks are versatile and well-suited for various cooking techniques.

Woks are great for stir-frying, deep-frying, sautéing, steaming, and even simmering. The sloped sides of a wok allow you to move and toss ingredients easily. Woks are also designed to distribute heat evenly, which is crucial for stir-frying.

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