Mission statement

Our aim is to ignite a passion for healthy living in every home and to support and contribute to the growing awareness of the need for a sustainable, non-toxic cooking future…

We achieve this by combining cutting-edge concepts, technologies and materials to create the most stylish, colourful, eco-friendly cookware and kitchenware in the market today.

Here in Neoflam we continue to develop, improve and maintain sustainable production methods and materials sourcing in our concerted effort and organisation culture to minimising our environmental footprint. 

Neoflam’s internationally award-winning bright and chic range of cookware offers unique non-stick Ecolon™coating made from natural materials, the BEST alternative to the PTFE non-stick coating – Ceramic, light in feel, and functional in cooking capability, Neoflam’s fry pans, grill pans, roasting dishes bake ware and saucepans can take all the heat your kitchen generates, with no toxic chemicals leaching into your culinary masterpieces…or into your body.

Neoflam is the preferred choice for Health Smart Australians.


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